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Bob Sr. learned to sew at 10 years old on his Grandmothers old singer treadle machine. “I was a handful at home but an angel in Grandma’s eyes! Spending summers with Grandma Durfey in the mountains of Holden VT has many fond memories for me. I would weed Grandmas garden, mow the lawn (it was only about ¼ of an acre) with an old push mower, grain the cow and feed the chickens and then the rest of the day was mine to go fishing! When I came home with my catch of the day Grandma would help me clean them and throw them in them in the freezer and Sunday nights we’d have a fish fry with baked potatoes and warm currant pie for dessert! As the years melted away I lost touch with the past. Grandma passed on and the hay field and garden are grown over. New owners renovated and you wouldn’t recognize the place. There’s a hatchery in Holden and I take my little granddaughter to see the fish. When she throws a handful of food into the pond there is no sound like her squeal of joy! That’s as good as it gets,” Bob shared.
(above taken from A Boy in Holden, written by Bob Pearo Sr.)

“A few years back we did a custom restoration for the Observatory down at Hildene. They were very specific and we were very proud of this one when it was finished,” Bob told us.

Some of Bob’s proudest moments are hearing stories about his sons taking their families and friends to Hildene and proudly stating, “Your uncle and I did this one.”

Bobs boys have always meant the world to him. When they were 14 and 16 years old Bob taught them to sew and, of course, the importance of taking care of the customer! “If you can’t help them, tell them that, people would rather know that they can trust you. Your reputation is everything,” Bob told us.
Bob’s boys both use the skills they learned from him almost 20 years ago!

“The other day someone was mentioning an irate customer and I have to admit, we don’t have any of those. Our customers are happy! And they keep coming back, and sending their friends, and have been for 30 years,” Bob said.

Bob told me something else that is very important to him. “Everything happens right here! Nothing is sent out or out-sourced, all of our awnings are made in the USA and right here in West Rutland! That’s important today when we’re all trying to buy local and you’re not sure where things are coming from. We’re very proud to say MADE in the USA, Bob told us!

Bob doesn’t go out on calls as much these days but if you’re lucky enough you might see Bob show up on your front porch someday to take some measurements for your awning. Don’t hesitate to invite him in for coffee he always loves visiting with his customers!

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